Calibration Services for heating/cooling Cabinets

Scope of services

With our Basic Service Package we offer you a calibration of a single measuring point, but we will gladly adapt the calibration to your requirements: different temperature ranges at different measuring points, recovery time after door opening or transient response - we will be pleased to make you an individual offer.

With our DAkkS calibrated measuring instruments we can cover the following measuring ranges:

Temperature [°C]


From To Accuracy
-100°C -50°C ± 0.30K
-50°C 0°C ± 0.25K
0°C 30°C ± 0.17K
 30°C  100°C ± 0.20K
100°C  160°C ± 0.95K
160°C  265°C ± 0.74K
265°C  1000°C tbn

Humidity [%rF]


From To Accuracy
0%rF 40%rF ± 1.3%rF
40%rF 90%rF -5± 1.3%rF
90%rF 100%rF -5± 1.3%rF