Calibration Service for Scales (DAkkS)


  •  Visual and functional control
  • Location assessment
  • Cleaning if necessary
  • Perform the calibration
  • Issuing of an internationally recognized calibration certificate (DAkkS)

The recalibration intervals depend on the user frequency, the operating conditions and your security requirements. We recommend that you calibrate all scales every 6 months and during intensive use every 12 months. You can also use our reminder service with your specified interval.


Description Resolution d Measuring Range Smallest MU
Micro balance d ≤ 10μg ≤ 10kg 1*10-6
analytical balance 0.1mg ≥ d > 10μg ≤ 32kg 1*10-5
precision balance d > 0.1mg ≤ 32kg 1*10-5
Heavy-duty scale   32kg - 60kg 1*10-4
Heavy-duty scale   61kg - 250kg 1*10-4
Heavy-duty scale   251kg - 600kg 1*10-4