Electron Microscopy Services

Our services

  • Maintenance and repair of electron microscopes
  • Transmissions of electron microscopes
  • Execution and interpretation of room check measurements
  • Technician training for maintenance and maintenance work

Hi-Tec-Support GmbH specializes in the field of electron microscopy at the Austrian site. 


With our service team, which is supported by a network of professional partner companies, we are able to support our customers in the complex field of electron microscopy during maintenance and repair work.


In addition to new installations, maintenance and repair work, we also carry out system relocations and conversions for our customers.


If room measurements are necessary for preliminary clarifications or performance studies, Hi-Tec Support provides not only help with the measurement of the interference effects, but also, in particular, in the interpretation of the measurement results and, if necessary, in recommending necessary measures.


In our well-equipped premises in Vienna, we also offer trainings for specific systems in order to train our customers for maintenance work and to carry out small repairs.