Marcel Both



We strive for maximum customer value. This is why we organise our company structure as transparently and efficiently as possible. We reduce the administrative work to the bare minimum. We want to be a good and fair partner to all stakeholders – clients, end users, partners and staff.


We save our energy to use for your benefit so we do not compete with our partners, but strive for success through cooperation instead. All stakeholders should benefit and derive satisfaction from working for and with us. In order to optimise your benefit over the long term, we revise, improve and communicate our quality strategy, if necessary.


Profit is one – but not the only – measure of success. Profit is essential to ensure sustainability. 

Our principles

  • respect for life
  • preservation of natural resources
  • right of codetermination based on the joint responsibility of our staff
  • social commitment and social justice
  • and last but not least the ability to derive pleasure from work and cooperation 

Our strengths are speed, professionalism, honesty and fairness. We convince our clients by our performance and do not want to enter into binding arrangements on the basis of complex contracts.  

Fast. Competent. Correct. Fair.