Calibration and Maintenance Services for Climatic Cabinets

Europe-wide: We visit customers in 14 European countries every month!

Scope of Services

  • Annual inspection and calibration visit
  • Visual inspection incl. type plate control
  • Functional check
  • Exterior cleaning if possible
  • Calibration of the climatic chamber
  • Issue of a test certificate

During maintenance and on-site calibration, a test certificate is issued which shows the corresponding tolerances as well as the temperature (°C) and humidity (% r.H.). The test certificate also contains the ambient conditions, setpoints and deviations. If the results of the measurements are within the tolerances,  a calibration mark is placed on the instrument. Through continuous calibrations, we not only ensure that your climatic chamber functions reliably in accordance with the specifications, but also that your products are safe and of high quality.


Adapt the calibration to your needs and choose the appropriate calibration performance: 

  • Heating or cooling time
  • Temperature homogeneity and temperature constancy
  • 4 - 15 measuring points
  • 1 - 3 Temperature ranges
  • Humidity measurement
  • 1-point in the middle of the usable space
  • 1 - 3 humidity ranges
  • Recovery time after door opening

We calibrate your climatic chambers according to our certified Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with EU-calibrated measuring instruments. This ensures traceability to international standards (PTB).

With our DAkkS calibrated measuring instruments we can cover the following measuring ranges:

Temperature [°C]

Humidity [%rF]


From To Accuracy   From To Accuracy
-100°C -50°C ± 0.30K   0%rF 40%rF ± 1.3%rF
-50°C 0°C ± 0.25K   40%rF 90%rF -5± 1.3%rF
0°C 30°C ± 0.17K   90%rF 100%rF -5± 1.3%rF
 30°C  100°C ± 0.20K        
100°C  160°C ± 0.95K        
160°C  265°C ± 0.74K        
265°C  1000°C tbn