Calibration and Maintenance Service for Colorimeters

Europe-wide: We visit customers in 14 European countries every month!

Scope of Services

  • Visual inspection incl. type plate inspection
  • Functional check
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Metrological inspection
  • Issue of a calibration certificate

During calibration, we subject your colorimeter to a general functional test. We clean the device externally and carry out the calibration according to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with the user software and certified standards. This ensures traceability to international standards. 


Calibration includes checking the following factors:


  • Resolution
  • Wavelength accuracy
  • Scattered light
  • Photometric accuracy.

For calibration we use our temperature regulated ColorDisk.  Since color samples are thermochromic, the color data changes considerably with temperature fluctuations. Thanks to the built-in electronic heater, the temperature of the color samples on our ColorDisk - and thus also the color data - remains constant during the measurement.


ColorDisks are also suitable for the routine inspection of your devices during your production processes. You can buy the ColorDisk here.


ColorDisk - temperature regulated color samples for calibration of colorimeters