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Calibration and Maintenance Services for Lightbooth

Europe-wide: We visit customers in 14 European countries every month!

When calibrating your light booth with the ColorBrick 2.0 measuring system, we measure the color temperature, the color rendering index and illuminance and map the spectral curve of your lamps. Read more...

You will receive a separate calibration certificate for each lamp.

This is a spectral curve of a gti-D50 Daylight lamp measured with the high resolution spectroradiometer ColorBrick 2.0. For more information visit www.spectroradiometer.ch.

With our calibrated measuring instruments we can cover the following areas:


measurement coefficient Einheit Von Bis Bemerkungen
color temperature CCT K 2000 4000 ± 5%
color temperature CCT K 4000 9000 ± 7%
Color Rendering Index CRI % 0 100 ± 4%
Luminous Intensity Ultraviolet UV-A  mW/cm2 0 0.3 ± 15%
Illuminance Type of light A  lx 200 6000 ± 12%
Illuminance other types of light  lx 200 6000 ± 20%