Maintenance and Calibration Service for Moisture Analyzers

Europe-wide: We visit customers in 14 European countries every month!

Socpe of Services

  • Visual inspection incl. type plate control
  • Location assessment incl. levelling if necessary
  • Functional check
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Metrological check of the load cell incl. adjustment if necessary
  • Metrological check of the temperature measurement incl. adjustment if necessary
  • Issue of a calibration certificate

During on-site maintenance and calibration, we subject your moisture analyzer to a general functional test, assess the location and the associated influencing factors on the measuring process and clean the instrument externally.


With moisture analyzers, two calibration processes must be performed: one for weighing accuracy and one for temperature accuracy. If we detect a large deviation during the actual metrological check (calibration), we carry out an adjustment and repeat the calibration. The entire calibration process is precisely documented, a calibration mark is attached to the instrument and the corresponding calibration certificate is issued. We calibrate your climatic chambers according to our certified Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with EU-calibrated measuring instruments. This ensures traceability to international standards (PTB).