Calibration and Maintenance Service for Scales (DAkkS)

Europe-wide: We visit customers in 14 European countries every month!

Scope of Services

  • Visual and functional control incl. type plate control
  • Location assessment
  • Cleaning if necessary
  • Metrological inspection incl. adjustment if necessary
  • Issuing of an internationally recognized calibration certificate (DAkkS)
  • Placement of the calibration mark incl. link to PDF Certificates
  • Minimum sample weight according to USP General Chapter 41

During on-site maintenance and calibration, we subject your balance to a general functional test, assess its location and the associated factors influencing the weighing process. We clean the external surfaces of the instrument. If we detect a large deviation during the actual metrological check (calibration), we carry out an adjustment and repeat the calibration. The entire calibration process is precisely documented, a calibration mark is placed on the balance and the corresponding DAkkS calibration certificate is provided.


The following measurement parameters are shown on the DAkkS calibration certificate: 

  • Repeatability
  • Linearity
  • Eccentricity
  • Uncertainty of measurement during calibration
  • Uncertainty of the balance in use
  • minimum sample weight 

We calibrate the scales at your site in accordance with our certified and accredited processes (DAkkS/ ISO 17025). We comply with the latest calibration guideline Euramet standard cg-18/V4.0 and exclusively use certified and traceable auxiliary and measuring equipment for all work.


Description Resolution d Measuring Range Smallest MU
Micro balance d ≤ 10μg ≤ 10kg 1*10-6
Analytical balance 0.1mg ≥ d > 10μg ≤ 32kg 1*10-5
Precision balance d > 0.1mg ≤ 32kg 1*10-5
Heavy-duty scale   32kg - 60kg 1*10-4
Heavy-duty scale   61kg - 250kg 1*10-4
Heavy-duty scale   251kg - 600kg 1*10-4

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