Calibration and Maintenance Service for Titrators

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Scope of Services

  • Visual inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Component exchange
  • Calibration according to EN ISO 8655-6:2002
  • Troubleshooting

During maintenance and calibration, all critical components are first visually inspected. The instrument is thoroughly cleaned. If not all deficiencies can be remedied by cleaning, defective consumables will be replaced. If the instrument is in perfect condition after visual inspection, cleaning and eventual replacement of defective components, the function of the instrument is calibrated. The instrument is tested according to EN ISO 8655-6: 2002.


After the calibration you will receive a calibration certificate which shows the following parameters:


  • Instrument and burette used
  • Used titrant and standard solution
  • Results of the visual inspection
  • Results of the measurement series
  • Evaluation of the calibration measurement series according to ISO 8655-6:2002


If your device is beyond the tolerance after the first measurement series, a troubleshooting will be performed. Following a defined process, further measurement series are carried out in order to determine the cause of the faulty measurement series and, if possible, eliminate it.