Electron Microscopy Services

Our services

  • Maintenance and repairs of electron microscopes
  • Electron microscope migrations
  • Execution and interpretation of room measurements:
  • Standard room measurement / Extended room measurement
  • Technician training for maintenance and repair work

In Austria we are specialized in the field of electron microscopy. With our service technician team and supported by a network of professional partner companies, we are able to assist our customers in the complex field of electron microscopy with maintenance and repair work.

We also support customers with systems that are no longer serviced by the manufacturer due to age (e.g. XL and CM instruments) - so that you can continue to operate your instrument for as long as possible.


In addition to new installations, maintenance and repair work, we also carry out system relocations and rebuilding. If space measurements are necessary for preliminary clarifications or within the scope of performance investigations, we offer you not only assistance in measuring the interfering influences, but above all also in interpreting the measurement results and, if necessary, in recommending necessary actions.


In our well-equipped workshops in Vienna, we also offer training for specific systems in order to train our customers for maintenance work and minor repairs.


Our expertise:


  • most popular TEM systeme from Philips/FEI/Thermo Fisher (Morgagni, CM, Tecnai, Titan, Themis)
  • most popular REM systems and SDB type from Philips/FEI (XL, Inspect, Quanta, Quanta FEG, NovaNanoSEM, Verios, Teneo, Quanta 3D, Quanta 3D FEG, Versa 3D, Scios, Helios)
  • most popular TEM systems from JEOL Ltd. (z.B. JEM 1010, 1200, 1400, 2011, 2100, 2100F, 2200FS, 2800, Proben Präparation JFD-V)
  • most popular SEM systems from JEOL Ltd. (z.B. JSM 5410, 6400, 6490, 6510, 6610, iT300)
  • Tescan GmbH Vega Series Generation 1-3(2019), Mira Series Generation 2-3(2019)
  • TEM Camera Systems from AMT and EmSIS (iTEM, Scandium)